Win the Attention of Your Distracted Consumer

We are living in a customer-centric era where adapting to customers’ preferences and new technologies with agility and speed is essential. Creating & maintaining a “UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” is key n order to customer-centric businesses to succeed in the market.


Core Business Solutions & Services

INNSYS International Core Business Solutions and Services Portfolio consists of innovative solutions with an amazing Return On Investment (ROI) that EMPOWER businesses from all sizes and natures to increase their customers’ Reach, Satisfaction, loyalty and Retention.


Modular Business Management Platform

Tillpoint is the first in a new generation of software known as Modular Business Management Systems (MBMSs), which include a feature-rich EPOS, full accounting, and extensive inventory management. Tillpoint’s complete EPOS platform gives you more power and control to efficiently manage your business. Enjoy increased staff performance, enhanced customer experience, and an overall boost in productivity. Utilize the extensive data capturing abilities within our advanced EPOS to grow your business.


Social Marketing Platform

Social-WiFis is state-of-the-art complete solution invention that turns your Free Wi-Fi service into an automated money generating machine. It enables you to interact with your customers on Social Media and gain valuable marketing data, run contests, promotions and special offers and engaging with your customers in real-time. In short Social-WiFis helps turn your customers into fans using Social Powered Free Wi-Fi that will lead to more sales and revenues in an fully automated manner from start to finish.


Enterprise ERP/CRM Platform

is a state-of-the-art complete product invention covering all functional obligations of a modern enterprise. Realize strategic goals with one platform across the company; hundreds of features within the tightly integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Solution), Customer Relationship Management (CRM Solution), Point of Sales (POS) for Retail & Food, Workflow engine to automate business processes and secure Document Management System (DMS) to suit your business.



Online Presence & Marketing Services

Online Presence & Online Marketing nowadays is a must to have for any organization or individual who wants to engage & interact with their targeted customers or audiences about their story, products, services and achievements. The four main objectives of a successful online presence & online marketing campaign for any organization and individual are to increase their customers’ Reach, Satisfaction, loyalty and Retention. The one-million-dollar question is how to create and execute effective and converting online presence & online marketing Strategy? INNSYS International with its innovative solutions and services is capable of helping businesses or individuals to achieve this daunting task in a very innovative and converting manner the right way.