Who is INNSYS International

INNSYS International was established in Melbourne Australia in February 2014 to provide businesses with innovative solutions and services in implementing their “UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX)” strategy.

In October 2015, INNSYS International opened its first overseas sales office in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to cover one of the fast growing emerging markets worldwide, which is the Middle East market. In April 2016, a highly respected holding company who own group of companies in Saudi Arabia invested in INNSYS International and established a full operational setup for INNSYS International in Saudi Arabia dedicated to serve the huge Saudi Market potential.

The vast experience of INNSYS International’s board of directors in business needs and what technology can offer to fulfill such business needs, they have realized the importancy of “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX)” for businesses to survive and grow.
Businesses nowadays are facing fierce competition among each other on how to attract new customers to increase their revenues as well as retaining the existing ones to sustain continuity. Besides, Customers are more knowledgeable and better informed due to the Internet presence.
This situation force business to plan or at least think of enhancing their “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE (CX)” with their customers.

INNSYS International inception is totally based on the above explained situation and have designed and created its innovative solutions and services to provide business what they need and empower them to implement their “UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” strategy.

Our Vision

INNSYS International vision is to empower businesses from all sizes and verticals, whether they are start-ups or established business, to strengthen their value propositions for their current and prospective customers through implementing their “UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” strategy and succeed in it.

Our Mission

INNSYS International mission is to provide businesses from all sizes and verticals with the required expertise and technologies to increase their customers’ reach, satisfaction, loyalty and retention to successfully implement their “UNIQUE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE” strategy.

Who is behind INNSYS International

INNSYS International was created and managed by Mohamad Ameer Al-Dirini who have entrepreneur vision and skills backed up by outstanding business and technical knowledge in the field of “CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE”. Below is a brief highlight about Mohamad Ameer Al-Dirini:

Mohamad Ameer Al-Dirini
Mohamad Ameer Al-DiriniFounder & CEO
Mr. Al-Dirini is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of INNSYS International. He is an Engineer by profession as well as a seasoned IT professional, with an entrepreneurial track record, having a rich and extensive experience of over 31 years, including over 25 years of regional and International (Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia and UAE) tenure. During his career path, Mr. Al-Dirini was involved in diverse functions of Establishing and Managing Companies, Enterprise Scale Accounts’ Management, Project Life Cycle Management, Information Service Delivery Management, Products and Business Development, specializing in Enterprise Solutions such as Customer Experience (CX), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Business Process Management (BPM) & Automation systems.

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